“…and the Lord showed him (Moses) a tree which he cast into the waters, and the waters were made sweet. ”

— Exodus 15:22 Holy Bible

Glenda Ellison
Founder, CEO
Out of Eden International LLC

I have a diverse background ranging from radio host, business owner, public speaker, ministry of many dimensions, administration and event coordination, writer… but I have spent the last 20 plus years researching health and nutrition. My belief is people suffer due to lack of knowledge on how to take care of themselves nutritionally.  Hosea 4:6 has been my mission – to educate as many people as I can on ways to better their health. “… people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” (Amp Bible).

Through my own health challenges, I discovered our bodies can restore themselves if given the proper nutrition. When God created the earth and all the plants and herbs, He said it was good, that means it was perfect for His workmanship to consume.

I have traveled around the world and have seen the poverty and hunger of those less fortunate. I have organized shipments of supplies and food to over a 150 orphanages in Romania, assisted in developing radio stations, opened up a restaurant in Romania, helped with the Pokot tribe in Kenya, church planting in Romania, Kenya and Mexico, and my passion is to help people better themselves with nutritional food, as well, as spiritual food.

Along with my husband, Steven, we want to touch as many lives as possible with the message of this nutritional tree, MORINGA oleifera, the Tree of Life.