Hear What People are Saying

I was amazed at how quickly I got relief. There is no way of expecting everyone to have the same kind of result. But after suffering a long time with severe discomfort in my feet, someone gave me Moringa Life Blend™, and said “try this.” It was like wham… BANG, I finally got some relief!

— S. E. – Chandler, AZ

I have been taking Out Of Eden Moringa™ for about 3 weeks now and have noticed that my levels of energy has been way higher! Even in this heat wave, I seem to get so much more accomplished! I am also getting better rest at night. Excited to see what it will do for me after a couple of months !

— F.W. Custer WA.

I am 29 years old and have suffered from a skin condition since I was five years old. I have sought for advice who have applied numerous ointments and pills, and none of them worked to help clear up my skin disorder. My condition is an auto-immune disorder and the skin multiplies faster then they can fluff off. My mother tried Out Of Eden Moringa™ on my skin as a paste and I couldn’t believe the results. The blemishes on my skin were thick scaly patches, but after the Moringa was applied I could see a huge difference immediately. The patches were thinner and it burned a little bit after it was applied (as it was drying) but it didn’t last long.

I have not been able to wear makeup (without it looking terrible) but today I could actually go to work without makeup. I have been applying it every day for a week and the blemishes on my face are fading. Out Of Eden Moringa™ is a fantastic product for skin disorders and I would recommend anyone with skin issues to try it. Moringa is the best thing I have tried. Thank you again for helping me.

— F.O. – Tulsa, OK

At 3 months postpartum, my milk supply dropped suddenly and drastically! I was in a panic and started taking all the usual recommended supplements. Nothing was working and I was only getting 3oz per a pumping session.

After 2 weeks (and many many tears of frustration and guilt for not being able to provide for my son) someone suggested I try Moringa. I read up on it and thought to myself, “I’ve tried everything else, so why not.”

After only a few days of taking 2 capsules a day, my milk supply increased to just enough per a feeding (total of 4oz), and by 1 week of taking Moringa my supply has increased so much to where I have ran out of bottles to store it in!

I am so thankful for Out of Eden.

— M.W. Lathrop CA

†Results may vary with each individual as this is a unique experience and is not typical of our product. Individuals are responsible for their own health and we encourage everyone to eat nutritionally and responsibly seek the health advice from Medical Professionals.