Why is Out of Eden International's Moringa™ Unique?


Superior Quality Leaf Powder

The leaves are hand selected using superior grade - raw leaves in a quality controlled environment at every stage of manufacturing. The leaves are dried at a low temperature level of gentle drying.

Out Of Eden manufacturers' maintain the best manufacturing practices according to ISO certification standards, as well as, USDA Organic and ECOcert certification standards so to keep high potency and rich nutrition along with maintaining the rich naturally green color of the leaves in Out Of Eden's Moringa.


High Standards for Customer Satisfaction

Unlike many manufacturers, Ancient Greenfields PVT LTD's plant is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified which makes it a state of the art facility with quality management systems to ensure the customer needs are met. The certifications are only given once a company has met the high standards of policies, procedures and customers satisfaction.

Our manufacturer's facility is free from impurities, heavy metals and microbiology contamination and we use no additives, pesticides, or sterilizers.