Are you a nursing mom who is frustrated in keeping your milk supply up? Your answer may be a little green leaf some call Mother’s Best Friend.

“Mother’s Best Friend” A Breast Milk Supplement

Are you a frustrated nursing mom wondering how to increase milk supply for breastfeeding while trying keep up your milk supply? Your little one is wanting more and no matter how much you pump or how many feedings you still have low milk supply. I have the answer for you. It is called Mother’s Best Friend, or known today as Moringa oleifera. Mom, you are about to learn about a key supplement to eliminate your worries and frustrations with low milk production.

Mother’s Milk Is An Infants Defense System

Beautiful young mother holding her baby son in her arms

Since time began a mother’s milk was the essence of life itself. Woman was created not only to give life to a newborn but to preserve life by providing a life line of survival thru her supply of milk. Let’s think about that life line for a moment; what are the benefits in this liquid that is so important to the new beginning of this little baby? Mother’s Milk is the primary source of nutrition for newborns before they are able to eat and digest other foods; older infants and toddlers may continue to be breastfed, in combination with other foods from six months of age at which time solid foods should be introduced. Mother’s milk is a defense system against infections, allergies, and is the foundation in building the immunity and overall health of the newborn.

Ready-made formula on the shelf!

… It’s full of sugar, chemicals and ingredients we can’t even begin to pronounce or even understand.

So why would a new Mother choose NOT to breast feed their new one? Many mom’s are of the working class of Mothers, so lifestyle is one reason, convenience, some have medical reasons, while there are many mom’s who have a low production of milk supply. And then there are those who do not want to go to the trouble of breastfeeding when there is a ready-made formula on the shelf! Many try to justify that it must be good if the store is selling it. They think it’s just as good. THINK again – NOT! It’s full of sugar, chemicals and ingredients we can’t even begin to pronounce or even understand. My question is, how could this be good for a baby, let alone how can it be giving the building blocks it needs for life, and how could it come close to replacing Mother’s milk?

Mother’s milk is liquid gold!

Think about all the benefits for nursing Mother’s. Mother’s milk is full of nutrition. Breast-feeding has so many health benefits to both Mother and baby. According to the AAP one of the benefits includes a decrease in SID syndrome, a less likelihood of ear infections, it lowers risk of diabetes, obesity, builds up immunity to resist cold and flu, as well as other ailments. Dental problems decrease as well and little to none allergic reactions to Mother’s Milk.

The Number One Food Source For a Newborn

Breast milk is considered to be the number one food source for a newborn. It contains a defense mechanism against infections, prevents allergies, gives the baby the building blocks to their immune system and overall health. Breast milk is overflowing with nutrients and antibodies.

Mother’s also receive added benefit. Breastfeeding assists the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy size and reduces postpartum bleeding. And the big one for most women is, it assists mother in returning to her pre-pregnancy weight. Another added benefit, breast feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer as women grow older.

Why mother’s milk versus baby formula

Later in this blog we will touch on Why Mother’s Milk versus Baby Formulas. We will also address the big concern of nursing mothers and that is – low milk supply. However, I will touch on it briefly here.

It is becoming more popular in our society but it is native to Asia and Africa, the Moringa tree. The reason for it being called Mother’s Best Friend is it has been used as a supplement to increase breast milk in traditional societies since ancient times including being used to fight malnutrition in breast feeding mothers and as well their babies by increasing breast milk supply.

If you are struggling to produce enough milk supply for the demands of your baby, Moringa oleifera is a trusted nutritious tree that can give you the results you need.

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