Moringa Leaf Powder

The leaves of the Moringa tree are packed with a variety of powerful nutrients that aids in the body’s defense against many diseases. Evidence has shown that dry Moringa olefeira leaves aids in the bodies dis-eased conditions. We cannot say Moringa olefeira heals or cures but when the body gets good nutrition, the body can do amazing things.

A powerful aid against many ailments

Scientific studies as well as overwhelming anecdotal evidence have shown Moringa oleifera to aid in the relief of a wide variety of ailments.

The history of Moringa is insurmountable. Kings and Pharaohs of ancient times knew the value of this tree we know today as Moringa oleifera. Moringa has the nutrients needed to supply the body with what it needs to build the immune system to fight against many diseases. (Ref Jed Fahey 2005)

Nutrients of Moringa powder at a glance

Per 100 grams (3.5oz)

You will get roughly twice the nutrients in dry Moringa powder as you would raw Moringa leaves.

Moringa powder compared to common foods

Abundance of antioxidants

Moringa is among the most powerful sources of natural anti-oxidants –
Anti-oxidants supply the free atoms needed by the human body and diminish the effect of free radicals (causes illness and aging). Moringa leaves are rich in antioxidants. Moringa has approximately 46 antioxidants that includes Flavonoids and Beta-carotene.

Anti-aging compound

Moringa contains a high volume of an anti-aging compound called zeatin. Zeatin is a cytokinin (sīdəˈkīnin) that help cells divide and protect against oxidation. Of all the cytokinins, zeatin is the most powerful . Moringa has thousands of times more zeatin than any other plant.

According to studies, zeatin helps…

  • promote small cell size, a key component to more youthful skin.
  • influences the structural and functional integrity of the cell.
  • prevent accumulation of macro-molecular damage.


Inflammation has been known as a major cause of disease. They say the root cause of disease IS inflammation. It can happen to any part of your body, not just a sprained ankle or a bruise but in any living part of the body.

Most people resort to treatments with steroids, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs which runs a risk of toxicity on the body and addiction.

Many studies have been done on Moringa oleifera, which has been claimed as an effective treatment for inflammatory conditions. Aqueous extracts from the Moringa oleifera leaves at doses of 200 mg revealed a remarkable efficacy in all the subjects used in one study. (1)

The powerful anti-inflammatory properties in Moringa was found to reduce inflammation markers that also surprisingly helped reduce insulin, cholesterol and obesity. (2)

Adding Moringa to ones diet can only help combat inflammation issues plus an array of other possible diseases in the body.

If scientists set out to design a tree that would be of maximum benefit to mankind they would be hard put to do better than the Moringa Olefeira tree

— Fuglie, Lowell – 2001

(1) IJBCP International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology 22790780