Moringa Life Blend™

7oz Blended Moringa Leaf Powder


Moringa Life Blend is a high-performance super food made with raw Moringa leaves, Moringa seeds, and Coconut.

Moringa Oleifera has the potential to end malnutrition and starvation. Therefore, the name — Moringa Life Blend.

7 oz Moringa Life Blend™ will provide 20 shakes or a meal replacement drink for as little as $.80 per serving.

Essential Nutrients

Phyto Nutrients
Protein & Fiber
Amino Acids

Ingredients: Raw Moringa Oleifera, Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic coconut, Organic Moringa Seed
Other Ingredients: Natural vanilla flavor, gum acacia


the most incredible tree
Moringa Oleifera

Moringa oleifera is the most incredible tree on the earth because of the amount of nutritional and Ayurvedic medicinal chemicals and compounds found in this plant such as the following:

 Antioxidants  Calcium  Essential amino acids  Phytonutrients  Potassium  Protein


All of our Moringa products are Certified Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, and Raw 

Contains NO fillers, gluten, starch, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, refined sugar, or additives.